The Best Free SEO Tools and the Proper Way to Use

by new1 on November 8, 2012

There are tools on the internet that will help make your website rank easier at the top of the search engine. Each SEO professional has their own set of SEO tools which they use every day to help them rank certain websites. This will be able to help them also save time and effort and also give an advantage against the competitors who do not use such tools.

Found here are SEO tools which you may be able to use regularly to rank websites at the top of search engines. Most of the tools concentrate much on Google since website ranking at the top of Google will have a multiplied traffic of up to a hundred times of a top ranking in a combination of MSN or Yahoo.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Keywords are suggested here based on the content of a website and descriptive words. This is a free tool by Google used to research keywords for SEO by choosing Exactfrom the drop down menu Match Type and also assists the advertisers of Google Adwords. You will be able to see the estimated volume of traffic for the exact match phrases within any country that you will choose and where Google provides a search engine.

Google Webmaster Tools. This is a free service tool provided by Google to give information to website owners on how Google views a particular website. Top search queries producing traffic for your site and the top keyword rankings are visible to the readers. The number of backlinks on each site page is also visible together with which sites are linking to each page. There are still many features of this tool like generating robots.txt file, eliminating URLs, looking for broken URLs on your website, uploading the XML sitemap, among others. It is advisable to make use of every tool that is available in the Google Webmaster Tools service.

Search Status. This tool is a free plugin of Firefox providing different competitor SEO analysis information through a toolbar. Included in this plugin is Alexa Rank, Yahoo Backlinks, PageRank, Indexed Pages, Highlighting Nofollow Links and the information on Whois.

Google Adwords Traffic Estimator. This is also a free tool by Google giving the advertisers of Adwords the approximate cost of running a PPC campaign making use of specific keyword phrases. You can export the exact match keywords from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, paste it in the Google Traffic Estimator, and choose the country that you like to optimize in, run the search and sort the keywords in descending order by estimated cost per day. This process will generate the identification of the keywords that have high volume of traffic but do not convert much. Those phrases that do not give out much revenue for the advertisers will certainly have a low CPC or cost per click and as a result there will be an overall lower estimated cost per day.

Google Analytics. This is also a free service by Google providing analysis of your website data. Just register an account and paste the tracking code on every website page. Through this, vast information about your website visitors will be accessed. For the purposes of SEO, there is a report generated showing the traffic by non-paid keywords in order to see which of the keywords are generating traffic for your site. You can set up a conversion tracking and then the list generated may be sorted out in descending order according to keywords which are producing the highest conversions. Monitor this report to look for new keywords that are driving conversions and traffic that you are not aware of and then concentrate on them the efforts of SEO.

Generator of XML Sitemap. This tool is used to generate an XML sitemap of your site. Next step is to upload the sitemap using the Google Webmaster Tools. Use the free version of this generator is your site is less than 500 pages. But if your site is more than 500 pages you really need to buy the full version to be installed on your server.

SEO Quake. This Firefox plugin gives the same information produced by SearchStatus. The big difference between the two is SEO Quake shows the analysis information about the competitor within the results of the search instead of the toolbar. This signifies you will be able to see information like the Backlinks, PageRank and Domain Age, among others, even without visiting the actual website.

WordPress. This is the leading blogging platform preferred for SEO professional since this software has an internal linking structure already in addition to the available plugins and customizations. Maintaining such a WordPress blog that is regularly updated will really have a considerable impact on the rankings of SEO.

Pingoat. Once the blog is set up and some articles are posted on it, you can use Pingoat to contact the RSS blog directories. Blog exposure will result together with the incoming links from the RSS directories.

RSS Submit. This is the same with Pingoat wherein it is a piece of software that contacts some more RSS blog directories. To notify these RSS directories that are available in the software, a full version needs to be purchased.

Google Trends. This free service of Google illustrates the trends of certain keywords over a period of time. The trend comparison of many keywords is possible within a particular country. Using this tool will help you analyze that the ranking process of your website will be going in an upward trend.

SEO Elite. This software is used to monitor the website ranking improvement over a specified period of time and also the competitor backlinks may be analyzed for new linking opportunities. Although the SEO Elite is not free, this software is definitely worth every cent of investment.

It is best to use the combination of all the tools’ features to its maximum advantage. For instance, you may do keyword research making use of the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool. And then whatever the results of this may be analyzed in the Google Traffic Estimator. Choose the top three keyword phrases and place them in Google Trends. Each of the phrases may be typed into Google. You can use the SEO Quake and SearchStatus to make a research on your competitors.

The website ranking process at the top of Google needs a long and focused, consistent move and is hard even during the best times. The tool utilization will really depend on you and you will have an edge over the others thus making your process easier.

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