55+ Amazing Book Covers and Paperbacks Design That Grab Your Attention!

by new1 on November 8, 2012

Every time you read a book, you may wonder how a book cover is really made. Book covers are difficult to design and very nice to gaze at.

A very effective book cover should be able to catch the attention of the reader and should be able to impart the message in one page and what the book is all about. The designers should be able to make the cover design in a creative and unique way and be an attention getter. Same philosophy is just as important in building such information structure that is based on a design layout that is very limited.

This post will give you book covers that are very expressive and creative and really appeals to the reader. Not all of the designs will be enjoyed, but you will really see some of the designs that are really nice to reflect on.

Bear in mind that there will always be plenty of excellent book covers. Some of those book designs are excellent based in our opinion which of course these choices may be subjective. But as much as possible these are interesting designs which will make the book cover not easy to forget. Take note all the posted design covers are all copyright of their respective holders.


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