Boost sales with cheap book printing

The general advice that is given when it comes to advertising is to spend the most money on advertising when sales are slow. If you are a small-to-medium business owner then you'll know all about down periods when things can start to look gloomy – and spending heaps of cash on extensive advertising campaigns is simply not an option. The people who hold the company … [Read more...]

Booklet printing – we’ll save you money!

Who doesn't like saving money? Well, unless you're in a very insignificant and rather bizarre minority who doesn't, then you'll be pleased to hear that if you use Mashed for your booklet printing, you'll definitely be saving precious dollars. We like to save money ourselves, and in doing so we're able to pass these savings onto our cherished customers. Our top-selling … [Read more...]

Assessment of the Lamborghini Logo

Lamborghini, like Ferrari, are an Italian company that produce high performing luxury sports cars. Over the years, these two companies have competed for custom. Not only do Ferrari and Lamborghini share markets, they also share logo designs; Ferrari use a wild horse to represent their company, and Lamborghini use a bull. Lamborghini’s founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, was … [Read more...]

How Can I Launch a Career as a Graphic Artist?

A passion for creative expression through image and design is the right stuff for the making of a graphic artist.  The destination of graphic artistry can be arrived at though various routes.  Formal education is the most practical and usual route, although many up-comers take the route of an apprenticeship under an experienced artist.  A successful career in the field of … [Read more...]

Capture the Imagination of Your Audience with CSS Web Templates

Does your HTML site lack a little artistic talent? With CSS Web Templates you can bring your website to life with minimum fuss and often with no cost! CSS web templates consist of Cascading Style Sheets, which applies specific design elements to HTML elements of your website. CSS web templates create a distinction between design code and functionality code. This allows users … [Read more...]

Assessment of the IBM Logo

IBM is one of the leading companies in communications and technology. In order to keep up with modern demand, IBM strives to deliver new solutions to everyday problems. This means changes on a daily basis for the company, and the IBM logo has also bore its own brunt of amendments in order to remain appealing to today’s audience. Initially the IBM logo included a globe. … [Read more...]

Is Delegating a Good Idea for Freelancers?

Many freelancers decide to hire the services of another freelancer, or another individual. Delegating can save a lot of time on tedious tasks. Saving time on tedium can free you up to concentrate and focus on more important tasks. This article will help you to identify when and how to delegate, ensuring that hiring another pair of hands doesn’t cause financial problems, it … [Read more...]

Harnessing the Power of HTML Web Templates

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of playing around with the Hyper-Text Mark Up (HTML) language, then you’ll know that it is relatively simple to start creating and editing a website. However, what many of us lack is artistic flair; so although we can design a simple easy to use site, we find it lacks any inspirational design. That’s where HTML web templates come in! HTML web … [Read more...]

Assessment of the I Love NY Logo

The I Love NY logo is a popular tourist logo, designed to demonstrate patriotism and peace from a city that had had its fair share of publicity difficulties. The symbol has been printed on various different merchandise and tourist memorabilia. The logo did exactly what it was intended to do; and that was to attract a stream of tourists and improve outside perceptions of New … [Read more...]

What Is the Best Route to Becoming a Creative Web Designer?

A successful creative Web designer needs a range of technical and artistic skills, including computer programming, online communication, and graphic design.  On the road to a career in creative Web design, you should start developing skills in as many of these disciplines as possible.  Many training programs in Web design are available. People access the Internet through … [Read more...]