Online Newsletters and Their Marketing Potential

One area where you can dramatically reduce your marketing budget is printed newsletters. You’d be surprised how many of these never really reach the person they are addressed for. Instead, a receptionist or PA intercepts the mail, assumes its junk, and simply throws it away; despite it being a subscription that the client may have requested. Because the client doesn’t receive … [Read more...]

Product Based Websites and Ecommerce Stores

You may think that with uniformity that limits a business to just one domain, however, one of the most effective means of increasing your audience is to purchase several different domains and create multiple websites. For a small extra cost, you can focus on certain areas, brands or products within your business, helping to develop the identity of the product, brand or service, … [Read more...]

Make Your Marketing Budget Fit for Business

The general concept is that the more money you have to throw at marketing, the more successful your marketing campaign will be. In the past, businesses have dedicated a substantial portion of their start up funds towards an initial marketing campaign. Although it may grant the business immediate fame and success, it tends to not generate enough revenue to recoup the cost of … [Read more...]

Implement Effective Advertising to Increase Brand and Domain Awareness

Grab a sample of every piece of business literature you can think of. Whether it’s a pen or mug you have printed your company logo on to, or invoices, letterheads and in house notepads. How many of these printed items have your web address present? Every item, without exception, should have your web address clearly present. What about the answer phone recording that is used … [Read more...]

Considerate Business Web Design

Business websites are a little more difficult to design, as there is more expectation from the user on both the site design and functionality. Make sure the web design team that you hire has experience in providing commercial web design. Ensure you have visited the websites that your team has built, as well as the websites of your competitors, to get ideas of what is … [Read more...]

The Basic Principles of Effective Web Design

There are a lot of amateur errors all over the web, and you’d be surprised by how many websites bear the same mistakes. However, with a bit of information, you can quickly avoid making the same old mistakes, instantly giving your site an upper hand compared to many of your competitors. Keep Your Site on Topic Every detail on your website should be directly related to your … [Read more...]

How do I design a Magazine Ad?

Designing a Magazine Ad needs an eye for detail and the techniques to engage the reader at a first glance. If you have never designed a Magazine ad, it can be intimidating at first. But following a few simple guidelines will help you create clear and effective magazine ads. The key is to understand the psyche of the readership and how an offer or an advertisement can influence … [Read more...]

How do I design a CD cover & tray?

Designing a CD/DVD cover and label is not hard if you understand the basic rules of design. With your graphic designing skills, imagination, inspiration and a few basic rules, you can design beautiful and captivating CD/DVD covers, labels, and jackets. The basic thing to remember is that the drawing canvas for a cover and/or jacket is different. You have a limited space … [Read more...]

How Can I Build a Career as a Freelancer in Web Design?

If you want to control the creativity of your projects, work your own flexible hours, and earn your way to financial freedom more quickly than agency work will allow, then perhaps freelance Web design is for you.  You must be a self-starter with plenty of motivation and a willingness to work hard, but if you've got that covered—along with the essential knowledge, skills, and … [Read more...]

How Can I Be a Professional Web Designer?

Skillfully blending art and technology is the realm of the professional Web designer and a talent that clients are always seeking.  Becoming proficient at this modern-day alchemy requires a certain amount of talent plus experience and/or education.  A good balance of both the artistic and technical worlds is expected of a Web design professional.  You also need to keep up with … [Read more...]