Growing the Plums to Become a Professional Freelancer

A recent conversation with a friend of mine, an experienced and talented web developer, got me thinking. He’d been huffing and puffing about his boss, and how his commitment to the company was unappreciated. I asked him a simple question, “Why don’t you freelance?” He looked at me and sighed, somewhat heavily. “I don’t have the courage to go solo amigo. I’ll put up with the … [Read more...]

Assessment of the FaceBook Logo

FaceBook is, without a doubt, one of the most popular social networking sites of modern times. It has managed to become superior to its biggest competitor, MySpace in recent years. However, this popularity has been riddled with bad press, and the site’s behind the scenes activities have caused alarm and controversy with it’s expanding audience. Despite the regular content … [Read more...]

The Process of Building an Email List

As an internet marketer, you may need a good email list which can bring you lots of money. So it is obvious that you should get many people as you can to sign up for your list in a legit way. But people do not just add their names and their respective email addresses to your list except when they will get something from you in return. This is the time when free offers or free … [Read more...]

How Much am I Worth as a Freelancer?

Every freelancer will ask this question, usually at the very beginning of their freelancing career. Trying to judge the value of your efforts may seem tricky, and you may try to establish a simple logic for handling the math behind the business. Of course, many try to start by simply asking ‘What are my competitors charging?’ Pricing Based on Competitors Although looking … [Read more...]

Assessment of the Coca-Cola Logo

Coca-Cola is one of the few soft drinks known around the world. The drink was first created in 1885 by Frank Mason Robinson. The logo, the brand and the bottle designs are all classics of today’s culture. Nothing about Coca-Cola has changed much. The logo is fairly similar to the original design; despite changes to the bottle shape in recent decades to match designs of … [Read more...]

The Web Design Psychology

A good website design is important and should be noticeable at once to those who will visit your site. Many will appreciate the value of a good design as compared to other websites. An instant judgment may be made on its relevance and quality when you see a certain website for the first time, that’s what you call first impression. There is a study saying that the first … [Read more...]

The Design Atmosphere

Atmosphere or environments easily make anyone uneasy and apprehensive. This is mainly due to many factors including but not limited to general disorganization, bad lighting or clashing colors in the surroundings. However, the biggest perpetrator is usually the mess and the clutter that disagree with your work flow. Clutter is the usual enemy of your surroundings. More often … [Read more...]

The Secret to Securing New Clients

I’ve been working hard recently pitching to new prospects and clients; while retaining the quality to my current customers. This has meant improving my efficiency and productivity, but hey; what’s life without a worthy challenge, right? My search, however, was a little more reminiscent of my earlier days than I would have liked. Trying to get my foot back through the door … [Read more...]

Assessment of the CNN Logo

CNN, otherwise known as the Cable News Network, was established in 1980 by Ted Turner. It was the first broadcasting company to offer the audience a 24 hour news channel. This has been so popular with a modern audience that other competitors have adopted a similar approach to new broadcasting. Since its start, CNN has passed through various hands; however, the logo has remained … [Read more...]