10 Valid Reasons in Redesigning a Website

There are various reasons why a designer and a web developer opt for a website redesign. Redesigning is important to maximize the website in its full potential and to achieve the capability and service to its satisfactory level. “Redesigning” does not confine into graphic modification alone. Instead it could include an overhaul of the site. However, redesigning could also mean … [Read more...]

Why Use Website Templates?

Website templates can help you quickly create a great looking website, without too much trouble or fuss. Website templates come in a number of different formats, including HTML, Flash and CSS templates. If you want a fast, high quality and professional looking website, without having to coordinate with a web designer, then website templates could be the ideal answer for you. … [Read more...]

To Work or Not To Work the Weekend? That is the Question!

Hard Fi’s Track ‘Living For the Weekend’, from the album ‘Stars of CCTV’; is a track that has been much loved and played by music lovers across the world; but does the song, and others like it, hold true for freelancers? The track describes the 9-5 grind of everyday employees, who live the life of luxury and fun during the celebrated hours of the weekend. Becoming a … [Read more...]

Assessment of the Adidas Logo

The Adidas Company has climbed the ranks of sportswear manufacturers to become the largest provider to Europe and second biggest provider worldwide. The Adidas logo can be seen on a variety of different items, including trainers, bags, clothing and body care products. The Adidas logo consists of three parallel stripes, each one longer than the previous one. These lines are … [Read more...]

Major Types of Printing Methods

It is best that you know more about the printing industry so that you will get to apply it at buying print. Ordering print may become complicated, with the selection of the correct artwork, the proper type of ink and materials, and the right binding and finishing, aside from selecting the correct printer to assist in making many little decisions. To be able to make your task … [Read more...]

What You Should Look For in a Proof

The most significant task that you can do is to ensure that your printing order will result in the way that you want and to ask for a proof from the printer. A proof is the report of the appearance of your order that is complete with graphics, layout and text. Even though this entirely depends on the order complications, the proofs do not have to be more than the black and … [Read more...]

Quick Printing Tips

Get proof. Inquire from the printer always for a proof to be able to check the alignment, text, resolution of the image and the color if possible. Who did it? It is best that you know who is responsible just in case you are not that satisfied with your print task. It is either the printer or the broker who communicates with you. Inquire for any guarantee of the service. All … [Read more...]

Print Pricing

The cost of the printing for the same task may vary all over the printers depending on the type and size of the running press. The press type, the plates made, the utilized ink, the paper, and the quantities that are run, the binding affect the price. Place your bigger projects like the full color catalogs or brochures out for bidding to be able to compare the prices. It is … [Read more...]

Common Mistakes to Avoid

The more time you have the knowledge about printing, the better it is you become at getting the task done the method you prefer it. Here are some of the common mistakes of a buyer that you shouldn’t commit yourself. Going by price alone Selecting a printer is really not about money. It is about service. You may prefer someone who may be able to deliver quality printing … [Read more...]

Choosing a Printer

A printer is the professional who may be able to assist you in forming black-and-white or color printed materials in various paper designs, finishing and weights. Your printer choice may vary well with every printing task that you order. The buyers of the printing services on a season basis usually utilize regularly many printers. For every printing task that they order, … [Read more...]