Paper weights: what does it mean?

When printers indicate the sort of paper they will use, they speak in terms of a number, such as 120, and GSM. GSM stands for grams per square meter. Think of a large square piece of paper, one meter on each side, lying on top of a finely tuned scales. A square meter of paper that weighed only 35 grams would be called 35 gsm. It would be a very light-weight newsprint, or tissue … [Read more...]

Are Free Web Templates Suitable for My Site?

In today’s modern world, it’s difficult to believe that anyone can get something good for absolutely nothing. There has to be a catch somewhere, right? Time and time again, we find out that a freebie isn’t as free as we first thought; however, there is a freebie that can be had that comes with no catch, no hidden extras, and most of all, absolutely no charge! Free web … [Read more...]

What can a Flash Template Bring to my Website?

To template, or not to template – that is the question! Of course, if you do decide that you want to use a website template, the next big question you have to ask yourself is whether you use a Flash template, or an HTML template. Does it Make Much Difference? Indeed, it does make a difference! HTML templates are not always the prettiest things to look at, and may not … [Read more...]

Make a Considerable Income as a Freelancer – Even After the Recession

Freelancing has many benefits and perks that normal everyday jobs simply cannot match. One of these benefits is the ability to work with flexibility, working as much or as little as you want to each and every day. Another is that you can work dressed anyway that you see fit; whether it’s trussed up in office clobber, or in the comfort of your PJ’s and slippers. However, … [Read more...]

Assessment of the BBC Logo

The BBC, or the British Broadcasting Corporation, is based in various locations around the UK. Over the years, the BBC has worked hard to make itself known to audiences across the world. The BBC now enjoys worldwide recognition for its new features, TV programming, internet presence and radio broadcasting. The BBC has produced a number of shows that have attracted strong UK … [Read more...]